Fractal Music
by Tim Doyle,
illustrated by
MusiNum World: Fractal Music by Tim Doyle, illustrated by everyone

Featured piece: Magellan (23W)

This site started as just a place to put fractal music Midi files I have created, but quickly turned into much more than that. The
files were created using Lars Kindermann's program
MusiNum, one of a number of programs used in the generation of  Fractal
Music. For a good starting place to explore Fractal Music and Fractal Art, try Phil Jackson's
Fractal Vibes site.

The navigation bar above should help you get around this site: perhaps the best place to start is the
What's New page. (If you'd
simply like to listen to the music, just click on
SOUNDS.) My photo is hiding behind the Sun... Just hover it for a second (fair
warning). The "mouseover" hidden image theme, by the way, is repeated throughout the site.

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Important Note
To hear the music on
the translated pages,
you must
turn off the
music on the
(English) page.
To turn off the music
(Magellan), click

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