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Ada Danced

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above, and old-fashioned beauty appears to have been crowned queen of the faeries, barefoot and holding the hem of her skirt as she stoops to listen in a magic circle; below, a ballerina en pointe displaying her form
a music box on purple velvet, topped with porcelain roses and ballet slippers, hides an image of a midnight carousel
sepia of a girl in a pageboy cut looking fliartatiously over her shoulder adorns a music box; beneath, a pink lamp with a pink music-box base bearing three ballerinas
above, brightly lit prancing horses and other creatures in a midnight carousel; beneath, an exquisite china doll with luminous eyes, pensive to melancholy
two music boxes: above, spring-green with roses, and inside, a ballerina in front of oval mirror on pink inside lid; beneath, dark wood with gramophone inside, mirrored inside lid, and dancers on stage inset into front
wavery, elongated reflection in water, spring green, sky blue, and pink, appearing to morph into image below, a ballerina in green top and pink skirt pirouetting in multiple exposure
tw hard-to-describe images: above, human dancer poses as china music-box figurine atop a turntable on a white spinet with electronic controls, played in a park setting by a man in full baroque regalia with powdered wig; below, a dnacer portrays lLeda seduced by the swan, which is part of her costume, its neck forming a halo and its winges somehow forming angel wings for her, but with feathers clasping her bosom, as she flutters crossed hands in classical erotic gesture
one-quarter view of slightly fleshy ballerina in ebullient full extension; more attenuated ballerina, face turned, accepts plaudits, holding up trainof flowing affair with drawstring waist
front and back views of ballerina figurine in frilly baby blue garb with roses attached; music-box ballerina with killer legs en pointe checking hair in oval mirror framed by red velvet
china doll, enormous melancholy green eyes, alabaster skin, killer neckbones, long straight red-violet hair, self-absorbed and still totally arresting; beneath, a masterful napkin-style scribble of a dancer, little moon-and-stars thing above, with caption: Into the Night
animated ballerina in a purple-and-gold egg; four full views; three close-ups of face, four detail views of hands and feet for a heavily-rouged china doll
an ornamental called Ada that looks like a row of exuberant dancers; beneath, a very attentuated dancer in a very similar pose, in a white translucent medium
spare figure in gauzy garb leans back with arms framing the moon, head to one side, eyes closed, a gesture of - what? rapture? acceptance? wholeness? -- and under, a cozy nightstand with painted ballerina, nightlamp and teacup atop
How can we know the dancer from the dance?  ~William Butler Yeats

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters
Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.
~W.H. Auden

Dance first.  Think later.  It's the natural order.  ~Samuel Beckett

In memory of Judith, who wanted to dance all night.
Now, and Now, and Now, she dances robed all in Light.