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rubber-banded newspaper on concrete step; man strolls leaf-strewn park path, hands in pockets
brickfront smalltown main street with 20's cars, icy pavement, Coca-Cola sign, variety store (painting); milkmen in what looks like Mongolia ride two-wheeled cart pulled by what looks like yak or musk-ox (dirt road, rock-strewn hillsides, grazing livestock, rickety power lines)
fanciful Anytown, USA depicted in fanciful map, surrounded by farms, rivers leading to ocean, mountains, what looks like San Francisco skyline in BG; tourists browse shops on tree-lined smalltown street
quartet of uplifting scenes of friendly down-to-earth pairs of smalltown neighbors chatting in front of Christmas-decorated storefront; postcard-perfect September scene of graceful Gloucester civic center buildings with park bench, flags, access ramp, flowerbeds
elaborate scale-model downtown woth fifties cars, pedestrians, bread truck, Helen's Country Kitchen, Martin's 1-Hour Cleaning, Western Auto, RR crossing, wooded hills, stop signs, manhole covers, drains, etc.; snowy scene of lodge thru trees
two milkmen: above, a smiling forties/fifties ad version with the truck, the apron, the glass bottles, butter, eggs, etc.; below, the Puskar, India version, bundled up, on a motorcycle sporting large metal containers
plastiic model of Helen's Country Kitchen (green paint, bricks, Barnum & Bailey poster); senior citizen paperboy lets fly with paper in pink plastic wrapper
bleachers with Valpo fans at football game (Valpairaso, IN); view of ocean sunset thru red ribbons in coastal CA
black youth in orange Barnes House sweatshirt gets hot dog fixings while older white guy with nametag on blue shirt loads up on hamburger fixings at what appears to be a church picnic; clean and deserted downtown Anytown intersection
stately brick home with well-trimmed lawn and garden; windmill slihouetted against brilliant sunset sky
the whole town turns out for a group portrait on Main Street; yellowing pencil drawing of small-town Harlem from nearly a century ago
two upbeat milkmen: above, striking a jaunty pose atop rubble of what seems to be London Blitz; beneath, a stubby& cheery figure outlined in neon tubing
paperboy for Southeast Missourian straddles bike studying WAR BREAKS! headline with Hitler's picture; smalltown businesses: Dr. Richard Jones's dental office in a woodframe house, GARRIGUS over large American flag on corrugated-metal building
motorcycle parked in front of smalltown post office, helmet on seat; aerial view of wooded suburbs
teenage paperboy bikes thru sunny suburb; bicycle milkmen in what appears to be Pakistani garb, and departing view of cow on road between two smiling young men
two women chat cozily on residential sidewalk bench; older couple with rural scene behind them stand next to weathered frame building with seven assorted mailboxes casting long shadows
woman in sunglasses on front porch in phote manipulated to make the real look dreamlike; below, a gabled small-town home with big front yard, front porch, and twin chimneys