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A T L A N T I S   D W E L L S   W I T H I N
two tropical spots stand in for Atlantis: a view of Sao Tome from the Equator at 7 degrees East Longitude (severe tsetse fly infestation helps distinguish it from Paradise); and from 4 degrees South, 32 degree West, Morro de Pico, in an archipelago off the Brazilian coast
the Strait of Gibraltar from 36 degrees North 5 degrees West, Punta Almina and Jebel Musa at left, sun setting over the famous Rock; Busuanga Island, shot from 12 degrees North, 120 degrees East, near Bintuan in Southern Tagalog, Philippines (shipwrecked Okakawa nearby)
above, a school of blue fish swims an front of an Atlantis ruin that looks like a New World pyramid; below, a huge sea serpent flourishes amid the Medieval battlements of Atlantis in green-lit waters
above, a mysterious flare illuminates porpises swimming through an Atlantean palace in blue-tinted drawing; below, the coast of Brazil from 23 degrees South, 44 degrees West, in the Port of Sepetiba, near Mangaratiba in the state of Rio de Janiero
lit from above in blue tones, large fluked creature swims over maze of crumbling walls in submerged Atlantis; Isola de Linosa, Sicily, with Monte Rosso, Monte Vulcano, and Monte di Ponente, shot from 36 degrees North, 13 degrees East
animated Atantean crstal-ball amulet; striated peaks in blue-violet water under a low-hung blue-violet sky represent the last vestiges of Atlantis
a futuristic Atlantis in its heyday sports pyramids, domes, and modern buildings including a high-rise; below, fog hides top of Elephant Rock on the Brazilian mainland, shot from 23 degrees South, 43 degree West, in Itaipu harbor
ghostly view of Atlantis as a modern metropolis in aerial view of shallow coastal waters; moonlight precisely directed, reflected, and bisected in a digitally-rendered Atlantean temple
Lily admires her distorted image in a visitor tube in Atlantean dig; artless children and a simple, traditional life with kind, warm, good-hearted people in Goto (
tiny Atlantean crystal ball held in fingertips refracts light from a nebula; the extremely isolated Ascension Island, 34 square miles, pop. 800, and its peak, Green Mountain, at 857 meters, in the British Colony of St. Helena, which also includes the famously isolated Tristan de Cunha (as well as St. Helena, Gough, and Inaccessible Island)
fish swim through ruins of some great building, with carved symbols, in Atlantean Dig; cliffs of rugged Turkish coast shot from 37 degrees North, 28 degrees East, near Alatepe in the Mugla region, in the vicinity of Oren
Atlantis meets its end as the waters rush in, shattering and covering colonnaded buildings; ghostly crystal temples protrude from the sea at crazy angles, like so many shards of ice

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