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Fever Dream
in front, feverishly back-lit foreboding 3-D shapes looking like a cross between astrological symbols and runes; behind, a disturbing Mt. Rushmore arrangement of eyeless potatoes with mirthlessly laughing mouths
a crudely-drawn page entitled Comic of Loathing ends with the transformation of a male human into a six-breated bird thinking Please Let Me Wake up Please; beneath is a minimalist comic of who-knows-what involving unnamed animal figures
a poster for Woyzeck (a fever dream) shows a red-and-yellow-lit eye reflecting a face, and beneath it. a claustrophobic image of living entombment
Listen, he said -- the caption to a well-rendered illustration in pencil of a feverish patient on what appears to be the deck of a cruise ship speaking of or to an female phantasm; beneath is a grey-toned picture of a girl in a trapeze swing -- Wings of Desire
an evocative green-tinted shot of sun and mist thru forest canopy on dead tree in prayer posture; a swirling red mist beneath barely reveals a wispy female phantom
an artist's ambiguous construction looks like skeins of movie film hung from eight numbered holes and photo-tinted in bright hues so as to look something like a garish wardrobe; beneath, two scary nun dolls appear as archetypes of, well, something
a image entitle BLOODRITE in black and red, ten rams (perhaps) in a stylized circle with a sort of pick and a bloody Sun...  below it, the addition of a few blues and yellows to the color scheme show a club scene with primary-color spotlights
an illuminated man with chakras and energy flows, third eye and blue lips over a gray brain-fold pattern, in psychedelic style; a difficult-to-decribe fever-dream image like a row ofart pencils in the package with some sort of double wreath of red flower things, or not...
surrealist cone-and-sphere seascape; a painted scene with a thick red sky over reddish buildings on the water reflecting a red sun
hand-tinted fever dream of seaside cyclists at sunset gives a solarized effect,; beneath, all is despair in a dragon's den with classically plump humans succumbing to the attack amid a scene of bones and severed head, in classical style
gifts beneath a flocked artificial xmas tree appear to include a framed poster of Chairman Mao; beneath, an elaborately-executed black-on-yellow Oriental print of a dream-horse
an image of Juliet consists of a red rose, one blue eye, and bright red lips; under it, a startling image of a white ram against American Beauty Rose background, staring as it extrudes a very pink tongue in the Q-sign