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actress in faery-like pose on set which miniaturizes her; behind is Blanche Dubois looking coyly at her mirrored image in Streetcar
very stylized delicate-looking princeling with composer Scriabin's photo behind
over-the-top images from The Fey Tarot; winged and bare-breasted faery princess
girl sleeping curled up in giant metal sculpture of moon, corseted girl striking fey pose against sunset
tearful Cissy Spacek as outsider Carrie peering thru slats; pastel painting loaded with fey imagery
two actresses with famed fey stares: Karen Black and Sandy Dennis (on Time cover)
leggy otherworldly beauty rendered in primitive style; behind is a fey Joni Mitchell
in front, photo magic shows Palermo boy cheerfully inhabiting underwater scene; behind, Otherworldly Lovers in their cage