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Fifth Column
Japanese model wears Fifth Column t-shirt; behind is sheet music for The Perfect Fifths
music theory chart highlights Dominant Prolongation, list of three-chord songs (Tonic, Dominant, Subdominant)
Whole Notes E and B above middle C form perfect fifth; behind are tuning forks a perfect fifth apart
Cover of Hemingway's play The Fifth Column; frame from The Fifth Column video game
examples of parallel fifths and fourths are shown over illustration of perfect fifth's role in triad construction
Perfect Fifth tuning-fork logo; equation 3 = 2 ** log2 (3) approx. = 2 ** (19/12) describes equal tempered rendering of third harmonic (octave plus fifth)
electronic patch diagram shows modulator with frequency (660 Hz) a perfect fifth above carrier (440 Hz); behind is even more abstract diagram for electronic music generation
metal bars tuned a perfect fifth apart set in a lyre with mallet; behind is comparison of Circle of Fifths with Color Wheel
album cover for Fifth Column, fundamental and overtones (perfect fifth between first and second overtone)
structural diagram of musical coda shows I / V (tonic / dominant) functionality; the Circle of Fifths illustrated, blue on yellow