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Modern Jazz Quartet's Fontessa over vibraphone
The images tell the story; the vibraphones here sounded entirely in place in a classical
setting, and I was immediately reminded of the Modern Jazz Quartet's limpid and
crystalline sound in "Fontessa". My counterweight for the hubris of comparing my piece to
such perfection was to alter the name to that of the very fine cheese.
tiled depiction of fontina with fruit, bread, and nuts; cavernous warehouse holds fontina wheels
bad-hair Italian woman with Mona Lisa smile displays fontina wheel and sample cubes; mashed fontina with Italian parsley
bruschetta with oven-roasted potatoes and fontina; risotto croquettes and fontina
rounded image of fontina against mountainscape; similar image in rectangle
ham and asparagus quiche with fontina; fontina wheel and slices with mountain meadow backdrop

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