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mixed-seafood dish with fontinella; tableau of fontinella with wine, tomatoes and basket
This piece is the younger twin of Fontina, which was named after the MJQ's Fontessa.
(For what it's worth, I slightly prefer the apparently less-popular Fontinella in flavor. I
haven't yet written a tribute to Jarlsberg.)
four-mallet vibe technique over large rolling vibraphone with symmetrical pipes
human figures dwarfed by fontinella with parsley, garlic clove, bell peper, tomato; a colorful MJQ album cover
listing en espanol for MJQ's Fontessa; pan-pipes style vibraphone with theremin
gourmet stuffed red pepper with potato cake and asparagus with fontinella temptingly arranged with pink flowers on blue placemat; what appears to be a fontinella pizza rustica
fontinella amid a spread of six cheeses, water biscuits, and dilled smoked salmon; the colors and textured are mirrored in an alternate Fontessa cover entitled The Comedy

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