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Fountain of Youth Part Three (29b3)
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Fountain of Youth Part Three
animated cup fountain over jet-of-light spray in radioactive colors
I still consider this one my
showpiece, even though it was
composed fairly early on in my
MusiNum career. I thought long
and hard about the name... To me
it represents the inexhaustible
force of the creative energy we all
tap into, that fountain of
inspiration that fuels the
all-night jam session... The entire
piece, about 2 hours 20 minutes,
(now in three parts only because I
needed to fit the music onto a
floppy disk with only 1.44 MB of
memory) was done in a sitting,
in real-time, smoothly changing
only the modulo parameters one
voice at a time, which accounts
for the subtlety of the transitions
as well as the gradual sense of
realization at many points that
the rhymthic foundation has
shifted once again without our
knowing exactly when it
happened. In just such a sense do
the musicians in a jam pick up a
new shading from one another
and pass it from hand to hand.
All three parts should be listened
to end-to-end for the full effect.
irrepressibly exuberant third-world children toss stray in the air; baby-boomer does the Neil Young guitar stalk in a jam
animated fountain dance; whimsical old postcard shows St. Augustine Fountain of Youth's restorative properties (with Ponce de Leon personally serving up the water)
electric greens and blues in fractal plasma fountain; a sun-baked painting of a musical fountain of youth
four-leaf fractal spray over potter's wheel bowl in electric colors entitled first contact
two fractal 'sprays': flower spray in color over water spray in b/w

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