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Jerusalem Weeps
Blake's Jerusalem over Matthew 2:18 (slaughter of the Holy Innocents)
another image of the sack and plunder of the Temple by legionnaires, and underneath, a modern woman weeping at Rachel's tomb
burnished wooden bas-relief sculpture of woman with violin cutout; burnished very solid wooden sculpture of seated Rachel weeping, head in hands
in a muted frieze, the Daughters of Jerusalem weep over Jesus (Station VIII of the Cross), and beneath, a monochrome rendition of the Temple's destruction
oil of woman with violin in stained-glass style; beneath, flames over the Temple and the City of Jerusalem
Rembrandt's Jeremiah lamenting the loss of Jerusalem, and beneath it a young woman holding a violin, overcome with the sadness of the music
Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem, columns surmounted by living (olive?) trees, and beneath, a large metal sculpture of Rachel, who wept for her her children, and would not be consoled, for they were no more (Jeremiah)
A closeup of Rachel's grief in beautifully rendered bronze sculpture, over the four instruments of the string quartet (violin, voila, cello, string bass) laid out in a line drawing
woman playing Weeping Violin above; below, the Temple destroyed by Roman legions
Hammered-metal sculpture, a cellist playing her own cello body, over an attenuated Rachel as a Holocaust memorial (title plate saying