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Ming I (41a)
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Ming I (Darkening of the Light)
Nine at the beginning:
Darkening of the light during flight.
He lowers his wings.
The superior man does not eat for three days on his wanderings,
But he has somewhere to go.
The host has occasion to gossip about him.
With grandiose resolve a man endeavors to soar above all obstacles, but thus encounters a hostile fate. He retreats and evades the issue.
The time is difficult. Without rest, he must hurry along, with no permanent abiding place. If he does not want to make compromises within
himself, but insists on remaining true to his principles, he suffers deprivation. Nevertheless he has a fixed goal to strive for, even though
the people with whom he lives do not understand him and speak ill of him.
The high-minded Po I withdrew into hiding with his brother, Shu Ch'i.
Thus the superior man renounces the idea of sacrificing his principles to secure a livelihood;
he prefers going hungry to eating without honor.