three small drab birds bathe in boot-sized mudhole with fallen leaves over gravel; below, needle-beaked brown bird with white belly and head stands in shallows in a marsh
pelicans come in for an amphbious landing amid clumpy marsh grass; a rook strikes a dignified pose on wet mud
grey-and-white birds congregate on an isthmus of mudflat or sandbar with shoreline, trees, and mountains behind; woman pauses, shoes in hand, on what looks like a beach at low tide, a vast expanse of rippled mud
picnic-table chickens, one standing upright as he appears to introduce an act or narrate a play, were too god to pass by; behind, shallow puddles left behind in mudflats cover foreground
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pelicans take off, land, sit, and parade on muddy shore; carefully-drawn birds do much the same along winding shoreline
american coots, five on marsh grass and four in the water; four brightly-banded killdeer stand on dried mud amid scrabby vegetation
webfoot with red and yellow beak strikes a pose worthy of an oil portrait on muddy sand; side view of great egret standing on verge of marsh
hundreds of pink marxh birds dot mudflats with water and hills behind; a flotilla of birds paddles in wetlands
we gaze across mudflats at birds wheeling over water as others sit on near banks, with trees and houses on far banks; mud-filled excavation site (perhaps)  behined ramshackle little building is filled with ducks so yellow they might be ruuber duckies
white marsh birds in water in middle distance, golden marsh grass in foreground, hills in background; below, shot from the water side, a single bird in shallow water with dense, lush grass or reeds on banks
watercolor wren balances spread-legged on wiry marsh plants over what may be a clam hole; an aerial view shows fractal alluvial mudflow patterns on a shore
swallow engages in birdfight on side of stump in swamp, while a green-winged bird appear to be loudly announcing the event; below, a marsh sandpiper sands in shallows
an avocet poses proudly on one leg in shallows; a stilt on two legs appears to peck at its reflection
small bird so truncated it appears to be missing a tail half perches fiercely on a branch; below, we look across mudfalts with clumpy grass to open water and coastal cliffs