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three multicultural and multinational delegates with faces of great dignity and purpose listen attentively to speaker at gathering of religious leaders; closeup of what looks like a lineup of sentors or reps at a hearing (material in binders, water pitchers)
instructor and two students concentrate on some sort of CPU assembly or repair, casing off, screwdriver in use; seven researchers or engineers (passes or credentials clipped, one in lab coat, one in ponytail, most in glasses) consider options as they sit and stand around cluttered laboratory
two trim Asian men with thinning hair gaze appraisingly (one resting chin in hand) at some sort of citrus crop in nursery; spouses concentrate on unknown task, multiple slips of paper in hand, standing as part of a line along a wall with STRENGTH poster above, he apparently holding an envelope between his teeth
colorfully clad trio considers sit-in bicycle contraption with perhaps 11-foot wheels; paper plates and soda bottles, ice, legal pads, etc. in conference room with hard-working group hashing something out
name-tagged group at long table with candles (church basement?) -- woman gestures with fingers angled towrd each other as several others lean in to listen thoughfully; college youth mock-ponders, chin in hand, to the amusement of four girls at table (open-mike poetry slam?) with jam sign-in sheet in BG
Mike Wallace gestures as he explains something to a pondering Larry King; photo magic as workers excavate skeletal remains of giant
two men in garage ponder over what may be boat hull in construction, supported by chairs with one man in middle; two tiny silhouetted figures on sunset beach panorama
Asian youth makes a sphere-holding gesture at a retreat with bound materials, water glasses, etc.; girl gazes up thoughtfully from group under yellow umbrella with study materials and beer pitchers at Magoo's
two cyclists barely visible as they weigh the odds of making it down improbably veritiginous mountain path; girl ponders rushing waters in rocky cove (technically solo, but someone had to take the picture, and it fits the 3-2 aspect ratio)
man and woman's drawn-in thought balloons both say 41? with regard to a jersey number, appropriate to this piece Mulling (41); onlooker watches play at Magic  tournament