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brooding African beauty; pondering ancient priest
hiding schoolboy, satchel and dog, deep purplish colors, a lot on his mind; two working men deliberating on the street, charcoal
drawing, shoulder-bag, window-shopping a (secondhand?) store called Nothing Happens; a troubled (and rock-star shaggy) young Frodo in front of mountains
man brooding on couch; maiden pondering in a glade
brooding Lincoln, woodcut; nineteenth-century eminence seated, pondering a faucet he holds up before him, pencil
brooding graphic-novel figure, armored, horns, glowing eyes, brooding in some great Beowulfian hall;eneath, an equally brooding Batman
three sepia views of a stone cairn with a mysterious egg atop a hill; surreal terrified face stares out from salt-shaker
Gauguin Polynesian beauty ponderingon a porch, dogs in background; old-soul children pondering in a Garden of Eden setting
femme fatale in backless gown gives measuring glance over shoulder, posed in doorway; brooding mistress poses leaning against mantel
ascetic woman stands with broken marble slabs, eyes closed, holding a tablet; punky comic character with heavily shadowed eyes clenches fists in a brooding rage
surrealist cyborg studies DNA model; beneath are images from a Mayan mural
two views of an overgrown garden of contemplation, with gazebo, superimposed; a B & W Mary Queen of Scots in regal contemplative drawing-room pose
oil of brooding young brunette leaning bare-shouldered against mirror(s); another of a middle-aged woman with hat, seated facing away, contemplating a vast empty room with stained-glass and in the middle ground, a surreal giant rose
vampire type with cloak and shiny boots glowers with his minions; contemplative woman pours tea at an unlikely angle in early twentieth-century work
solemn girl considering fruits (apple, pomegranate) with a geometric background; within, a prophet and an angel with a violin
brooding angel in tree, pencil; brooding Hitori in graphic-novel style
smoking girl broods; animated pup-tent gazes fearfully about the equally animated woods
sculpture of rough-hewn old monk pondering seated barefoot on a boulder; beneath, a Dostoyevskian figure broods despairingly in a woodcut