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young Renaissance-Faire type ponders at a table under an oak, with meerschaum and tankard; cat in sunny spot on desk ponders miscellaneous notes written with felt-tips on large-grid paper
young woman with hair parted in middle and bangs framing her face broods over a cup of tea; silhouetted tree seems to deliberate as it leans over icy waters
phtographer with cigarette ponders closthespin-clipped print in darkroom, both in silhouette; young Asian woman ponders the Thames from a bridge
man hunkers down to ponder ivory sculpture in jungle-plant setting; young man broods sitting on grass in park
man sitting on rock by a pier, pondering; man in headband sits in snow in a clearing in woods with his backpack on the ground, considering (Xmas 2000)
young boy fishing ponders something behind him, thumb to cheek and finger to chin; colorized little girl ponders, pink shoes beside her, from atop a black and white hill with a blue sky
full-bearded young man in yarmulke ponders, hand to chin; starkly lit Thomas Carlyle broods
swarthy man in market, cigaret in hand, considers his next move in a game of bottlecap checkers played on a boxtop; young man mock-ponders by a pond with Disney-like outsized vegetation, including lily pads the size of infatable swimming pools
lank-haired girl sits in large yard, flagstones, golf clubs and ball and other debris, chin resting heavily on both hands, brooding disconsolately; waterbirds dot brooding misty scene with rocky spit of land in middle ground, hills on far shore
serious young black woman, nametag, cornrows, hand to forehead as she studies materials before some sort of policy vote; closeup of gray-haired man with trim beard and heavily lined face (could pass for myself) in deeply pondering pose, chin in hand
man in tennis shoes folds arms, standing behind parking meter, apparently pondering $7 haircut; young man sits on desk pondering, glass of water or beer next to him, computer equipment on next desk, institutional green wall with framed prints, old clunky desks and chairs
blue-tinted b&w of brawny young man brooding with a beer; brown-eyes dog with white skunk stripe on head (so still he almost looks stuffed) appears to ponder whatever dogs ponder
skeletal Indian holy man with wild white mane and beard sits in deep trance against stone pillar, eyes burning a hole as he ponders; man stands amid luxuriant Thai vegetation and ponders
skinny monkey ponders from tree branch; puppy considers a flowerbed
woman considering, hand to forehead, as she looks at what may be pregnancy test (and may be research results); male model leans against wall, hip and sulky, pondering something or other, sporting stubble, cross earring, tee shirt as he holds leather jacket folded over his crossed arms
not sure what this guy's about; looks like Occidental ninja type, raised eyebrows, narrowed eyes, tight smile as he stares fixedly at something; man in scuba gear (?) sits on log pondering ocean, image of sky somehow manipulated, again not easy to read