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deep blue stair rail and streetlight; Dalmatian staring into beautiful lit lobby with leaded glass
jolly farm scene nightlight over blue dusk scene, with Big Dipper, fireflies, and tire swing
red flames nightlight over dollhouse nursery scene
cozy nighttime bunnies over child's room with, high on the wall, painted child in nightshirt and nightcap carrying lantern
mermaid nightlight over tropical fish nightlight
nestling rabbits nightlight; porch light in hexagonal glass case
girl reading on mattress with gooseneck lamp in attic room, warmly lit; classic globe streetlights with dark tree branches behind
invitingly lit pillars as garden portal; another mysterious solarized-looking night scene
butterfly nightlight; teddy bear nightlight
Chinese lantern nightlight over Madonna and Child nightlight
bas-relief parrot over porcelain angel bearing outsize roses
drogonfly nightlight over rooster nightlight
softly rendered moon between pines; heron nightlight
mysterious solarized-looking nightscene; backlit grass blades with two points of light behind
red and black ladybug nightlight; green fish nightlight
unicorn in crystal nightlight; Sacred Heart nightlight