river running to sea, dramatic moonlit sky; calm dusk harbor scene
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Nocturne (302)
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Miro Nocturne over matted variations of girl at night
symbol-filled jazz nocturne over vertically split face, white/black, called Harlem nocturne
multiple lit fountains over desolate lake/river scene with barbed wire, lit by an obscured moon
sumptuous orange-lit sculptures frame bridge, reflected; ghostly blue-white baby's-breath or similar flowers by night
red-lit geisha waits behind painted screen; flappers on the prowl lounge provocatively in pinao bar
two fractal images: spirals-within-square wooden construction over more florid butterflies pattern
b&w cityscape of old buildings reflected in canal by night; sumptuous color nightscape with modern buildings in yellow light, ancient bridge openings in blue, reflected
abstract scene looks like underwater butterflies; moon on ocean, lava flow at left
Gothic nighttime courtyard with faces framed by sconces over windows; green points of light on blue background look like menacaing pairs of eyes in night
montage with blue tiles, human hand, branches against sky, raven, fruit, starry night, etc. over girl in white standing in boat, predominantly bluen painting
surrealist painting with flowered mask, butterfly, chambered nautilus, whale head, hibiscus against sunset seascape;  owl-and-parrot sculpture on rock pestal in woods
arrangement of three lush red flowers over abstract in blue, black, and oragne, looking a little like houses under construction at dusk