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obsidian art: above, a sleek black pyramid; below, a bracelet with snowflake obsidian
black glass mountains and lake in dramatic sunset; polished snowflake obsidian stones
surreal mask with hooks over obsidian wall; zigzag outline of obsidian rocks
smooth black cliff face from below; obsidian boulders on slope
dramatically centered peaks from obtrusion in foreground through knob in middle and snowy peak in BG, with obsidian cliffs and landscape; snowy black glass mountain in Colorado
obsidian rock formations look like two seated bears; black and dark red in triangular piece of unpolished obsidian
snowy glass mountain and lake; black mountain from afar
steep slope of loose obsidian; glass mountain in distance
small hardy conifer amid glassy obsidian rocks; wooded obsidian slope with waterfall
heart-shaped rough obsidian on red BG; glossy obsidian rock in rough Africa shape
polished obsidian sphere with planet-like rings of black, green, and dark reds; glassy obsidian boulders with climber's foot for scale
three obsidian arrowheads with polished but not smooth surfaces great visual texture; an obsidan wand with pyramid tip
mounted obsidan crystal sphere with reflections; mountain with toothlike summit of glassy black rock
light-filled image of three hang-gliders with silhouetted mountains; dark-filled image of smoke from a large fire, mountain in BG, boxy skyscraper in foreground like a man-made black glass mountain
obsidian slopes mirrored in smooth lake; hardy small tree sprouts from obsidian slope
rocky folds indicate volcanism, capturing lava flow; a huge broad field of obsidian flow with gentler slope
cliff face of striated obsidian like writing tablet; glass mountain in distance with obsidian fields in foreground
ring with obsidian inset; polished snowflake obsidan rock
dramatic satellite view of obsidian landscape with mountain lakes; obsidian cliffs rise over choppy lake
cemetary statue ofgarlanded little girl in white stone about to kiss obsidian frog; steep slope littered with loose obsidian
various obsidian images with volcano god; polished obsidian stones
b&w obsidian cliffs reflected in calm lake; rod-shaped obsidian cores
obsidian rockface looking almost like cave paintings, with rock hammer for scale; dramatic aerial view of thick snowmass frosting black glass mountain
snowflake obsidian in candy bar shape; rough square of striated obsidian
steep slope of loose obsidian; glass mountain in distance
dramatic aerial view of Owens Gorge; obsidian pendant
futuristic letter opener or ceremonial knife of Obsidian Order; bottle on rock at beach with Obsidian label
brown obsidian owl; digital rendering of snowy glass mountain, evergreens, and lake
obsidian-strewn slope; five-phote tableau of ornamental obsidian, including rhino sculpture
b&w obdsidian cliff with large stone cross halfway up, its shape seemingly mirrored by nature on nearby cliff face; black shape of glass mountain silhouetted in late afternoon
jumble of obsidian boulders forms natural cairn; irregular pentagonal slab of obsidian
high-gloss black obsidian boulders appear fused into one mass; violet flowers decorate slope amid obsidian boulders
brown obsidian Buddha; five roughly cylindrical cores of black obsidian