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Open Country (229A)
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Open Country

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Lorna Doone illustration: I was come to the open country; back-packed young Felix in a straw hat enjoys a country road as he carries a jar (honey?) covered by a flower-printed cloth
When I was come to the
open country, far beyond
the sheltered homestead,
and in the full brunt of the
wind, the keen blast of the
cold broke on me, and the
mighty breadth of snow.

Lorna Doone, A Romance of
by R. D. Blackmore
sighting down crop rows from the railroad tracks on a cloudless day; bucolic woodland pond
classic country house amid full fall colors; lone hiker under big prairie skies
quilt-like image of orchards, purple hills, waters, happy dogs, pink hilltop house, etc.; broad plains with vast snowy mountains in distance
confirmed country dog stands calmly in the road; misty bucolic landscape of greens and umbers
three mailboxes with five-digit street numbers mounted on H-bar with log posts, wire fence behind, violets in front; miniature train carries families through woods
two improbable and enormous emu at home in zoo compound; grinning girl poses in front of Badlands panaorama with bedroll-laden Harleys
improbable-looking orange (or orange-lit?) so-called rodential hare; worm's-eye view down center strip in call-of-the-open-road shot
old print of boy reading as daydream castles waft from open pages; vista across fields and plains to distant mountain range
logging train stems across trestle over verdant landscape; old rural stone building with wooden fence
herders on camp chairs with pup tent with eye-popping backdrop of snowy peaks; two birds in flight streamlined into missles against blue sky
umbers and ochres in view of red earth and corkscrewing tree branches; cactus stands man-like in Chilean desert vista
aerial panorama of mountainsides dotted with tiny buildings; ridge culminates in natural rock wall
horses in pasture under limitless sky; shadow on road shows latticework of stone bridge railings with postcard-perfect tree and mountains