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opium dragon; opium poppy
sowing the opium seed, father and son; Afghani addict stares bleakly
opium dream, Boris Vallejo style; green opium pod with its crown
Victorian melodrama in an opium den; Charles Baudelaire
a rogues' gallery of opium cure-alls; opium in its cake form
Harpers Weekly engraving of a New York opium den; fancy modern metal opium pipe with smoker in background
wryly surreal Pipedream with Alan Hull; elegantly carved opium bed with separate wooden headrest
Library of Congress photo of Canton opium den in 1919, with scholarly smokers; medicine chest with opium cure-alls
opium poppy with its delicate purplish petals; de Quincy, the confessed Opium Eater
glamorous, mysterious, and sexy opium dreamgirls in pale blues, pinks, and purples; red-violet pipedream in psychedelic poster style outlining brain hemispheres
slit-skirt sensuality in YSL Opium poster; Western opium den looking almost like a dorm room
totemic artwork shows the seductive decadence of opium and its paraphernalia; model flings herself on bed in glamorous abandon in YSL Opium ad
beach, sperm and egg, Rx sign, and a gleeful opium-bud demon amid riot of imagery; body parts melt and fuse in opium sculpture
anti-opium poster with lettering in unknown SE Asian language depicts seductive appeal and grim reality of the opium bud as enchantress and tyrannical mistress; artwork depicts lurid beauty of the opium poppy in disquieting style
easy home cures for opiates addiction (one called Opacura) crowd page with other nostrums; two men making round cakes of opium
two abstract pip-dream images: an energetic oil with ribbons of paint and a geometric piece with swirls and squares
two stylized paintings, Opium Royalty with upright face of heavy-lidded beauty and Opium Because, with reclining head
modern pointillist image of purse with tassel inspired by opium poppy; pinkish opium blossom
opium pipe with charms hanging; yellowed photo of Opium Fiend, Chinatown -- San Francisco
monocle and white gloves in posteror bookcover for Daniel Torres -- Opium -- Le Prince du Mal (Casterman); naturalist's rendition of parts of the opium poppy plant
Old Master oil of opium smokers; Save The Children ad for an opiate cough medicine touted as safe for everyone
opium den in Indochina with metal locker as headrest; man forebodingly silhouetted in urban opium country
round pile of mixed opium poppy seeds; gleaming metal opium smokeware by Rebecca Russell
swirling and twining vegetative pipe-dram imagery; atmospheric ad for Opium by Beau de Noir
page 173 in Confessions of an English Opium-eater describes a bad-trip opium dream; Les exotiques -- Claude Farrere -- Fumee d'opium
glamorous opium-den girl in Suzy Wong slit skirt with sailors behind in improbably clean opium den; non-treatening imagery in style of child's drawing of Alice-in-Wonderland pipe-dream
carving of opium den with reclining smokers; spare modern equivalent with red foam mattress
Preparation d'une Pipe d'opium (the Asian smoker with his elaborate tray looks oddly like Willem Dafoe); a baggie of brown tar opium
blue opium bulb with green crown, slit and sweating viscous white exudate; strange little cartoon figure in opium fog
Picassoesque pipe dream with violin; book Strange Ecstasies (A mind-blowing fantasy anthology of unearthly drug stories, ed. Michel Parry, pub. Panther) with sci-fi cover art, winding path, glowing tree of knowledge, dancing nudes. moon and lightning-bug stars, etc.
fractal-looking underwater pipe dream with seashell pipe and smoke spirals turning into eyeballs; three green opium bulbs with red flower behind
two Opium Dream room treatments, both featuring twin paintings of scarlet opium poppies: one museum-like with sconces and bulrushes, all clean lines and gleaming metal and polished floors; one inviting with toasty fireplace and the poppies paired over the mantel
carved wood opium stool and accompanying pedastal; opium den in Shanghai
it doesn't get much more seductive than this attitude of surrender in steamy YSL ad for Opium; very young man with faraway eyes in modern opium den
white opium pods with green crowns in field like so many eyeballs; hand grasping opium flower and several pods
scoring the pod to milk the opiates; translucent opium poppy blossoms
heavily ornamented and shamanic opium smoker peers into the unseesn world; Ayer's Cherry Pectoral (with opiate) cures children's coughs (poor little fellow!) and even advanced cases of consumption
watercolor of colorfully garbed opium smokers reclining on elegant opium furniture like feasting Romans; opium burner with wick resembles a hockey puck
photography achieves lucid dream effects with figure crouched on footrail of bed, then doing some kind of floor exercise in large open room by night, all very elegant
fancy and functional glazed ceramic opium pipe; yellow opium pipe of carved ivory