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  Orang Lullaby

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mother and baby orang sleeping; mother orang with baby climbing chain-link fence
baby orang collage; mother orang kissing baby
mother orang swinging with baby on board; mother orang seated with baby in lap
mother orang kissing baby; baby orang with quizzical expression
baby orang on left, human baby on right; orang as beggar, wearing burlap bag
orang mugs with cloth headdress; baby orang watching mother eat melon
orang looks skyward with irresistable smile; mother orang with babe in arms scoops water to drink
reclining mother orang stares lovingly eye-to-eye with cradled infant; mother and baby orang in Sumatra
orange-furred orang standing with baby the size of her head; mother orang teaches baby the ropes
patient mother orang in zoo hammock with yawning (or screeching) baby; mother orang seated on rocks with baby facing in lap
baby orang settles down with wide-eyed sleepy stare; chocolate-furred mother orang with baby in crook of arm
sleepy baby orang Gigi in human lap; mother and baby orang cling to vines
painting of mother orang amiling indulgently at baby playfully grabbing luxuriant fur; baby orang in zoo rides Mama's head
baby orang kisses reclining mother; baby orang ponders frond as tool (for extracting termite treats from their tunnels in logs) as mother sits nearly
baby orang lies back with sleepy stare; newsprint photo of orang shows vine-swinging style
mother orang with eyes closed cuddles heavy-lidded baby; baby orang slumbers atop mother's head
bright orange-furred orang demonstrates agility, hanging sideways from vines and scooping water to drink; big-bellied orang clowns with the shirt on its back
woman bonds with baby orang in arms, who gazes trustfully into her eyes; orang mother and baby share a tender moment
male zoo orang relaxis in hammock; baby orang with mouthful of fruit rides mother's back in jungle
mother orang kisses infant; mother orang cradles baby in lap
seated mother orang with luxuriant orange fur cradles infant in left arm; baby orang rides young blue-shirted man's back
baby orang in blue plastic swing; sculpture of sleeping orang lies on side on boards
baby orang cuddles, faces at right angles in an L shape; orangs mugging, pulling incredible silly-putty comic faces
baby orang pouts prettily, finger to lips, in red swing; mother orang holds baby like girl holding doll
orang mother with chair-shaped face cradles sleepy infant; young woman cradles diapered baby orang in hospital
sleepy improbable blue-moon faced orang resembles an owl; mother and baby orangs play with matching blue buckets
baby orang plays with Mama's face; seated mother orang with wistful baby in lap
baby orang face peers wide-eyed from mother's fur; mother and baby orang pose seated on wooden bridge grasping rope supports
orange-furred baby orang tugs playfully on patient mama's lower lip as they kiss; orang poses high on branch in the classic Nixonian V-sign, head down and arms outflung at 120-degree angles to trunk
orangs in soulful hug; grinning woman crales baby orang
baby orang holds bottle and drinks sleepily; baby orang sits between two adults on wooden platform
mother orang sleeps or ponders, cradling tiny wakeful infant; heavy-lidded baby orang clings to mother's fur
mother orang cuddlesyawning baby in grass, eye-to-eye; baby orang rests chin on seated mother's head, clinging to her back