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Orbital Resonance Rag (223A)
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Orbital Resonance Rag

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orbital resonance of the Jovian satellites Io and Europa (at twice Io's period); another representation, with Ganymede (at twice Europa's period, or four times Io's) added to the mix
above, a schematic of harmonic resonance patterns; below, a b&w visual representation of cross-braided ragtime rhythms
polyrythm illustrated in counts and mnemonic syllables (above), and in musical notation (below)
how orbital resonance is maintained; Galilean resonance among Jupiter's satellites Io, Europa, and Ganymede
sheet music for the Hesitation Rag; two-to-one orbital resonance illustrated
two fractal studies in orbital convergence with cross-rhythm interference patterns
science as art -- images of the evolution of harmonic resonance; the role of tidal lag in orbital evolution
standing-wave crossrhythm rag patterns in a quilt; the dance of Jupiter, Io, and Europa
above, three-against four polyrhythm; below, clapping, speaking and stamping in cross-rhythm
animated wavetrains in harmonic resonance; synchronous rotaion in orbital evolution
cover of the Nebula nominee Orbital Resonance by John Barnes; a figure-eight segment of a standing wave in harmonic resonance
above, harmonic resonance as an enormous observing eye and an hourglass world in space; below, polyrhythm, dividing four-four measures into thirds
animated tutorial on the use of a graphics program for generating damped harmonic motion curves (controlling inital amplitude, natural frequency, and damping factor); schematic of Io, Europa, and Ganymede as they orbit Jupiter with periods in 1-2-4 ratio
an all-purpose harmonic resonance diagram bringing widespread symbols together in a crazy-quilt Theory of Everything; six wooden Electron Orbital Models illustrating quantum physics wave mechanics
Leonardo's Man with pentangle inside a twelve-zoned color and tone wheel comparing an octave of light frequencies with an octave of sound frequencies; tracking points in harmonic resonance evolution
above and below: hidden images distorted with harmonic resonance interference patterns
two wavetrain interference patterns in harmonic resonance (the one below is a figure eight shifted by half a cycle; the one above is somewhat more complex a braiding)
cross-rythms in frames of two mirrors, the top one reflecting a similar mirror
animation of the fractal evolution of the familiar Mandelbrot set; the well-known Escher circle limit tiling Angels and Devils inside a head in profile
orbital resonance in the far outer solar system -- Vulcan's sphere of influence in the realm of comets; a scrawled example of polyrhythm in drumming
the complex and orderly rings of Saturn; forced eccentricity in orbital resonance
above, animated generation of a wavetrain; below, three musical examples containing four polyrhythms: (a) three over two; (b) four over three; (c) seven over ten and then seven over eight
above, science as art in a harmonic resonance grid; below, standing-wave cross-rhythms in a mirror frame
two examples of polyrhythm; top, three against four (jazz). below, three over two