yellowed newprint engraving PUSHING THE WOMEN OVERBOARD WHO WERE TOO MUCH TERRIFIED TO MAKE THE LEAP; in another engraving, a pair of terrified and despairing captives bound by the arms back-to-back are pushed off a ship by four men, one armed with a pole
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Overboard (23X)
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diagram and specifications for MOM8-A Canister, Lifebuoy, and Pylon; rescue line throw bag stowed in place
marooned crew man a lifeboat in what is or could be an illustration for Mutiny on the Bounty; dark business afoot as pirates ambush and pitch men overboard in Penny Dreadful style engraving
lkifeboat, pleading man, waves all skillfully suggested in this torn-paper construction; medieval color plate shows man rescued from jaws of shark by two men in tiny not-to-scale ship
overboard with the commercial Xmas tree, blue with spiraling light strings and confectionary snowflakes; slaves lashed, bound, and heaved overboard by heartless slavers
maiden about to be hurled gracefully overboard by pirates in theatrical production; fishing man pratfalls gracelessly off his boat in a poster
bird's-eye view of the supernally strange Winchester Mystery House, where the superstitious owner went overboard in a four-decade building spree; detail of oil painting, with creatures of the deep surrounding and contemplating an overboard and sinking human
red and white illustration of proper rescue techinique with flotation device; a perfect Pirate's Birthday celebration... Jolly Roger balloons, Happy Burthday sign, cake and discombobulated guests bobbing in the briny deep, contemplated gleefully by Pirate and Parrot
it's all in one photo... the crowded rescue craft in the foreground , the bobbing survivors, the capsized and half-submerged boat behind with many still huddled on deck, the ocean, the horizon; below, a sailing ship lists precariously and dumps crewmen in an oil dominated by blue-greens, whites, and grays
passengers leap overboard in Titanic scene; art student goes, in her own words, a little overboard, in assignment to play with textures
curtains for Carrie as Mom goes overboard at last, candles, nightgown, shrieking visage, bloody upraised knife and all; overboard into the amphibious craft in what looks like WWII battle scene
orange-vested and barefooted man in jeans reclines cross-legged in Day-Glo yellow inflatable mini-raft; the man-overboard alarm bell clangs in a painting
an over-the-top Jack Nicholson about to go overboard at the Overlook Hotel; men overboard in a panoramic canvas full of watery motion and heroic light
going overboard as Mini-Me; Sophie the Dog jumps overboard wearing her life vest
going overboard with the audio-visual technology in a setup to make men drool; side and top views in blueprint of lifeboat
signal flag (blue cross on white with turquoise boarder); Still Overboard pencil sketch... ship, wave, terror-stricken wretch