bird's-eye view of a gasping and horrified Pandora, back of hand over mouth, as blue miasma rises and wafts; The Box as some kind of square supernova loosed upon space
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Pandora's Remorse
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Pandora's Remorse
a puzzled Pandora in a tunic with a very modern face; a surreal digital room with a topographic and multi-hued spectral sold rising from a hard-edged box by a bench
red-lit rendition of The Box looks like a cross between an inkblot and a lava lamp; three happy Mephistophelean demons and a seven-headed serpent pose with a Pandora's poster in front of stage curtains
a devastated Russian Pandora with concerned Cherub; a repressed modern Pandora at her kitchen table, box in front of her
nineteenth-century Pandora kneels in bucolic setting for just one peek into treasure chest; a modern Pandora is unaware that she literally has blood on her hands as she begins to open an elegant case
horrified Pandora with frizzy mane and killer body in gauzy stuff shows white of her eyes as demons snap and claw; abstract photo with solarization and other techniques shows The Box as some kind of wave pulse
studies of a My Bad / Who Knew Pandora looking put out in a schoolgirl graphic-novel style; a very complex and abstract rendition of The Box in greens, blues, violets, and brassy golds
still shot from the movie Pandora's Box; digitally rendered landscape with a futuristic Pandora's Cube in a screenshot from somewhere (video game?)
in pencil, a faceless demon unfurls bat wings and curls lizard tail around world in thrall; abstract boxes ripple space in purplish monochrome digital rendition
Pandora's box as a surreal Ship of Fools; a swirling cloud of Comedy and Tragedy masks
Pandora red and sulky, the box beginning to vent; Pandora sultry, bare-shouldered, troubled (Before or After?)
grinning Minotaurs, centaurs, harpies, satyrs with Panpipes, etc., all released in a kind of Oklahoma Land Rush; a fuzzy collage of superimposed images (cheesecake, talking heads) with fifties TV's invokes our modern miasma
classical nude statuary Pandora kneels holding the box; Erik Johnson pen-and-ink 1997 shows an initially gleeful Pandora looking a bit like a Flapper
two classic illustrations of Pandora with The Box: above, Warwick Goble; below, Arthur Rackham
black and white Pandora as a scary frozen-featured China doll; Pandora as a disdainful redhead sophisticate regarding buzzing pests
a loose-robed and demure Pandora in forest seting bathed with red-gold light; a languid nude and equally demure Pandora sits on a rock over a stream in what may be a cave