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Passing Fancy
two Tin Lizzies pass on a dirt road in 1920; spawned fish swims under waving anemones
two characters from Persistant Studios' Ephemeral Tournaments: above, come-hitherish Waitress, and below, roguish Innkeeper
the infinite ephemeral as symbolized by an empty camp chair on some vast plain like the Utah Salt Flats; racecar passing another just before the checkered flag
psychedelic cover for the album Passing Fancy sports butterfly and rainbow; King of Faeries (or some such) lies in verdant clearing in The Ephemeral Throne
artist's conception of ephemeral boulders orbiting a giant planet with its own asteroid belt; Passing Fancy doily pattern
pony smiles into camera as another vocalizes to the side; Passing Fancy string quartet
painted bird flies on china plate; old Columbia 45 single from Toronto's A Passing Fancy (CA-2767), released August 1967,  showing A side (I Believe in Sunshine, which peaked at #28 in September) -- B side was She Phoned
ephemeral lake at sunset; standing wave in an English river beside the Anchor Hotel
corrugated cardboard and other shapes in surreal painting Ephemeral Architecture; geese fly against red sky in painting Red Ephemeral
man passing the Cafe Louis Blanc; small crowd watches an early Wright Brothers flight
gamepiece called Dorkcard for Passing Fancy allows one to discard or cancel a Temporary Obsession; passing fancy in floral form, pink and while with yellow center
maid and her dog turn to gaze after man and his dog on rustic footbridge in painting Passing Fancy; man with guitar and swooping birds in iconic portrayal of The Ephemeral Life
totally invered ski-jumper illustrates passing fancy; what appears to be a flowering bongo drum in painting Ephemeral
boy balances on length of pipe damming a stream on a whim or fancy; Goldsworthy cone sculpture illustrates the ephemeral
three young lions watch a full-size rhino passing in oil painting; man and woman pass near a bridge with ducks in water in Ernest Walbourne painting A Passing Fancy