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Peace Train

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peace train painted in child's drawing style, with pinks and blues in background filled with layers of mystical shapes including faces and eyes, the colors echoing those of the page background (a Chinese train at dawn); interior of a Chinese passenger train, with woman sleeping in utter peace, floral pattern on window shade
surreal image of old steam train with cowcatcher appearing to cross on water in the desert, the tracks only partially materialized; lights on a tube frame make a brilliant xmas train
Peace Train illustration shows extravagant colors and patterns  taking place of cityscape in train's wake; Happy Day Express miniature motorized train at children's camp
two fractal images with vaguely tracklike components, with abstract crossties: one in full swirling color, the second (hidden) in b&w, with a melting-metal appearance
boxcar with peace grafitti And they shall beat their swords into guitars, illustrated by boy with guitar; Flower train decorates garden, with track and crossties made from different colors of flowers (green and white)
double exposure of train and field of wildflowers; poster with psychedelic triskelion and Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) quote: Peace is not an absence of war. It is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice.
child's or Primitive painting of Village Train as spreading joy as it passes, people waving, from houses, balloons, and a tree, in bucolic prairie town; red and white train passes red and white wildflowers
extremely complex and nested fractal cosmic energy burst fractal on top, and under, a train image that appears to echo the circular source as a train's headlamp, steam billowing in very impressionistic depiction, a little deco, with a Van Gogh starry night behind it, and the merest suggestion of a track, almost as an intention
enormous two-dimensional trains of wireframe and white Xmas lights; peace may be around the bend in shot of single tracks and narrow road winding thru aisle of trees in inviting rustic scene
train with graffiti of the word FRACTAL in psychedelic style and colors; Joy Train pulled by old steam locomotive (b&w)
fractal image of peace appears to mimic nested structure of this and other pieces, radiating from the middle like many of the others, though not this one; its structure in turn is suggested by the roofline of a building in the hidden image, with a mural of two joy trains on it, in India
two little girls react in delight and wonderment to riding in a tiny Peace Train locomotive made from cardboard box; huge model train layout at a peace-themed event