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Philosophy 101 (9X)
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Philosophy 101

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Escher's woodcut entitled Relativity shows worlds existing on three planes at right angles, each oblivious to the others; hand-written notes comparing the philosophies of Kant and Mills
Rodin's Thinker; bookjacket for Life's Ultimate Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy
An Introduction to Philosophy cover shows Escher print Three Worlds (fish underwater, leaves on surface, trees and sky reflected); The Nature of Consciousness: Philosophical Debates
two students in Hong Kong participate in a Philosophy 101 debate, bulletin board behind; group portrait of a Philosphy 101 class in prosaic classroom setting
Raphael's School of Athens shows ornate classical halls filled with thinkers, debaters, reasoners, teachers; modern open-air Hall of Philosophy, looking like kiosk with classical pillars, draws crowd of typical citizens
Heidegger's The Essence of human Freedom: An Introduction to Philosophy; The Meanings of Love: An Introduction to Philosophy of Love
What Does It All Mean? A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy; Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy