These pages are primarily intended for fellow
composers, but may be of interest to other visitors
as well. There is much work to be done here... I
envision a tree structure linking families of .min files
based on a common idea to individual .min files, and
thence to the midi files produced by them, including
many variations for which the .min was not saved.

This page is still under construction: eventually
there will be explanations of the origin and
techniques behind the many compositions here. For
now, I am simply presenting fractal music Midi files I
have created using MusiNum. Some of the more
recent have not yet been named; those that are
named all include the original working titles, which
relate back to the underlying MusiNum (.min) files
used to create them. The numbers give a fairly good
idea of the order in which they were created; the
letter designations (113A, 113B, etc.) group the files
by the underlying .min files used to create them.

Besides fractal music, these pieces could be called
generative music, experimental music, ambient
music, meditation music,  new age music, among
other labels; none is more right than the others.

Featured piece: Spring Thaw (202)
These fractal music pieces are far more lengthy than those on the MusiNum site itself, most
often an hour in length... Beginning with the 100's, most of them have the "zero" point in the
middle, which often creates an interesting effect wherein things change more and more
quickly toward the center point, and then smooth out again on the other side, much like a
comet approaching and then leaving the Sun. Most of the earlier (two-digit) creations simply
start at the zero point and work themselves out from there.

I experimented with scripts in a number of the earlier pieces, sometimes changing the
instrumentation, sometimes turning various voices on and off, sometimes changing
parameters such as the Mod setting, but in later pieces was more interested in letting the
internal logic of the original settings show through. Often the changes are gradual and work
themselves out subtly as the piece develops: many of the pieces might be found suitable for
meditation; indeed, I have found myself "zoning out" after listening to certain pieces over an
extended period.   

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